Morris could have helped USA team

Seattle Sounders manager SigiSchmid has stated that Jordan Morris could have been helpful to the United States soccer team in the Copa America.

Indeed with Bobby Wood suspended, the US manager brought in Chris Wondolowski as the replacement and SigiSchmid believes that Jordan Morris would have been more helpful in the team.

There were many United States fans who questioned the selection of Chris Wondolowski ahead of Jordan Morris. They believe that the Seattle Sounders is a player that is currently in form and would have proved to be more valuable at the Copa America Centenario.

SigiSchmid stated that Jordan Morris would have definitely helped the US team at the Copa when Bobby Wood was suspended. For him, it would have been a like-for-like replacement, and it would not have affected the US game. He said that Morris has the necessary skills, determination, and aggressiveness to help any team win a game.

He believes that the suspension of Bobby Wood has affected the US team at the Copa America and if the US coach had chosen to select Jordan Morris it would have been more beneficial for the team as he plays a similar game to Bobby Wood.
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The United States Soccer Federation asked the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the dismissal of wage discrimination complains that was raised by the national women team.

The Soccer Federation was mentioned in the complaint filed in March this year by five female players of the national squad that won the World Cup.

The players complained that the earnings of the male counterpart of the national team were four times more than theirs. The USSF responded via a statement it sent to the Chicago office of the EEOC by Latham & Watkins, which is the law firm representing the federation. The statement read that there is no evidence that the body was acting with any sort of discriminatory motive or is in violation of the law.

The letter that was sent contained detailed financial information regarding the team’s compensation structure. The statement read:

“The suggestion that US Soccer has been anything other than strongly suporrtive of the WNT is deeply disappointing and inaccurate.”

The EEOC compliant came after the federation filed a lawsuit against the players’ union in an attempt to establish it has a contract with the soccer players association that was set to run till the 31st of December this year. On the other hand, the union maintains that the memorandum of understanding agreed to in March 2013 can be called off when dim fit. Continue reading “USA SOCCER ASKS EEOC FOR COMPLAINT DISMISSAL”

Academy Suffer Loss

LA Galaxy Academy side defeated Seattle Sounders FC academy team to lift the third place title at the Cayman Airways invitational Under 15 Youth Football Cup.

The Galaxy Under 14 team picked up third place after defeating Seattle Sounders FC 2-1 in the third place game. Galaxy tournament-leading goal scorer Efrain Alvarez and Togo Nakamura found the back of the net for The Galaxy against Seattle wrapping up a successful tournament for the Under 14 team. Continue reading “Academy Suffer Loss”

SigiSchmid identifies his loss against Colorado Rapids as a special one

So far during the 2016 season of the MLS, the Seattle Sounders have played 9 league matches and sustained 4 defeats while also managing to clinch 4 victories.

It clearly has not been the best start of a season that the American club has experienced but SigiSchmid and his squad is slowly getting back on track as they won their 2nd successive league game after defeating San Jose on May 8.

During the 5 opening matches of the season of Seattle Sounders, they lost 3 of those games but the head coach of the team identified a more recent defeat as the most important one of this season so far as the 63 year old coach stated that the defeat against Colorado Rapids was a game that his team should learn from and use it as a stepping stone instead of a morale booster.

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Sigi Schmid voices his thoughts concerning the uprising of red cards

The head coach of Seattle Sounders, Sigi Schmid was recently talking about the rise of red cards that has been seen in the MLS and the German-American seems to be in favor of referees being less merciful in regards to harsh tackles and aggressive moves.

In this season of the MLS there have been a total of 16 red cards issued from 42 matches which is one of the highest rates of red cards being delivered to players in the American league from the latest 15 years.

Sigi Schmid of Seattle Sounders talked to the media about this growth and it seems like he believes that it’s something which benefits the sport as the 63 year old manager said: “It’s a point of emphasis of obviously trying to allow the skillful players to be skillful and to take way the edgy tackles. But when you get into a new area like that, then that final judgment and decision-making, everyone, the players, the referees are trying to come to grips with it.”

However, not everyone likes the idea of seeing a red card being displayed in every single match. One of the figures from the MLS that is not in favor of this recent uprising is the head coach of LA Galaxy, Bruce Arena as he said: “Too many red cards are ruining this game. Seems like a red card every game.’’ Continue reading “Sigi Schmid voices his thoughts concerning the uprising of red cards”

Seattle Sounders international players expected to be back in good shape

SigiSchmid, the Seattle Sounders coach, has indicated that he expects to have all his players fit when they will be facing Montreal Impact on Saturday.

There were several players that were out on international duties from the team. Clint Dempsey, Tyler Miller and Jordan Morris were out representing the United States; Joevin Jones represented his team Trinidad and Tobago while Oalex Anderson was out representing St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

All the international players were expected to be back by Thursday evening. Dempsey as well as Morris was already present for the Thursday morning session. Each one of them had a personalized training program because of their different roles and travels they had during the international break. Clint Dempsey trained inside while Morris was made to follow a lighter training program to help him recover quickly.

Anderson and Jones were expected to be back in the evening. On the injury front, only Jones is reportedly suffering from an ankle injury and SigiSchmid indicated that he will be assessed when he is back in training.

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