Sigi Schmid voices his thoughts concerning the uprising of red cards

The head coach of Seattle Sounders, Sigi Schmid was recently talking about the rise of red cards that has been seen in the MLS and the German-American seems to be in favor of referees being less merciful in regards to harsh tackles and aggressive moves.

In this season of the MLS there have been a total of 16 red cards issued from 42 matches which is one of the highest rates of red cards being delivered to players in the American league from the latest 15 years.

Sigi Schmid of Seattle Sounders talked to the media about this growth and it seems like he believes that it’s something which benefits the sport as the 63 year old manager said: “It’s a point of emphasis of obviously trying to allow the skillful players to be skillful and to take way the edgy tackles. But when you get into a new area like that, then that final judgment and decision-making, everyone, the players, the referees are trying to come to grips with it.”

However, not everyone likes the idea of seeing a red card being displayed in every single match. One of the figures from the MLS that is not in favor of this recent uprising is the head coach of LA Galaxy, Bruce Arena as he said: “Too many red cards are ruining this game. Seems like a red card every game.’’ Continue reading “Sigi Schmid voices his thoughts concerning the uprising of red cards”