25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders | Oct. 5, 2013

  1. As a timbers fan, this was probably my favorite game of the season!!!!

  2. Yeah, I’m starting to think the league has a new Rafa Marquez when I see
    the way this arrogant prick acts.

  3. I don’t care what they said, he needs to stay professional and show some

  4. One of the worst 45 minutes I have seen from any team ever. MLS, La Liga,
    Seria A, the championship. That was fucking woeful. Bottling out kf

  5. Eddie has should spend 24/7 working out with obafemi and Clint Dempsey and
    neagle. That would certainly stop la or colarado and Eddie was scoring a
    lot with montero just he can pass better than the whole team and Johnson
    could just tap it in

  6. Best part of this game.. when the Colorado fans start chanting “Portland’s
    better! Portland’s better! Portland’s Better!” RCTID

  7. You’re a fuckwit. Now DON’T respond to me. Stay professional and show some
    class. Make sure you wait until you get home from work to respond to this
    heckler, so as not to be unprofessional.

  8. 5:42 Commentator doesn’t know soccer. “ANDDDD HERE THEY COME” .. Umm no,
    it’s 1-4 now and they are on the road. There is no chance they can come
    back.. They are not “coming” anywhere. – From a Sounders fan. = )

  9. This is why I love the Western Conference, you never know what going to
    happen on every game. As for Sounders, cheers up, it could have been a
    playoff game.

  10. assuming EJ gets called up by the US he won’t be there, along with Deuce,
    Martins and maybe Evans

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