25 thoughts on “2011 US Open Cup Final: Highlights – Oct. 4, 2011

  1. @darthtrabia irrelavant? We got a berth into champions league because we won.. that’s pretty relevant. We also won it our first year in MLS. Then the next year… and then this year. So it may not be relevant to you because your team has no depth, but it sure is relevant in Seattle.

  2. @rockslideproductions
    Perhaps, though I think that Morgan can take on a quite a number of male defenders. Hell, she can take on Carrasco one-on-one and beat him almost every time.

  3. @milloselmejor haha maybe. I didn’t really mean it as a serious comparison. I just meant that Morgan compared to women is much better than Carrasco compared to men. The problem is in sports like soccer it’s difficult for women to compete on any level with men.

  4. @rockslideproductions
    I disagree with your assessment of Morgan’s ability. I’m not sure who is faster between Carrasco and Morgan, but skill accuracy wise, Morgan is superior than Carrasco. Carrasco might be stronger and bigger than her, but he plays defensive midfield, so I would expect him to have those qualities.

  5. CONGRATS ON THE US IRRELEVANT OPEN CUP!!! Sweet jerseys, but they showed their TRUE colors against RSL in the playoffs

  6. @milloselmejor Maybe comparatively, but Servando would just have the plain strength, size, and speed advantage.

  7. @rockslideproductions Alex Morgan is amazing, far better than Carrasco… just sayin’

  8. @NickBigsmoke who are you calling fat boy, fat boy.

    PS. If you saw me coming your shorts would be full of piss

  9. @rockslideproductions i thought he started in every game and that he was an awesome player. haha yea i know alex is freaking beast

  10. @TheWadee24 he really only plays as a sub or starting in unimportant games. His girlfriend might actually be better than he is.

  11. Wow, I’m really impressed by Osvaldo’s goal, look at his composure and his skill, wow, props.

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