23 thoughts on “2011 US Open Cup Final: Osvaldo Alonso Goal – Oct. 4, 2011

  1. Oh my god what a goal!!!!!!!!! I love Alonso hes such ana amazing player. He works so hard for the sounders. His happiness couldn’t be more obvious on his face. I love my Sounders

  2. My favorite player and the winning goal for the US open cup, what could be better? Love my Sounders!! 🙂

  3. @firesting81 Nothing lucky about it, the Fire should’ve bid more money than the Sounders if they cared enough about hosting the final. We just did everything possible under the rules to win.

  4. @s0ccer96 They were throwing all players forward in a desperate bid to get the equalizer in the last seconds. Try knowing what you are even talking about next time.

  5. @CasemanSports No, moron. Chicago was throwing guys forward in the final seconds and those were mids sprinting back. Lucky you guys got the final on your crappy plastic “field”.

  6. @CasemanSports he really only took one defender, as the rest were committed to playing offense.

  7. Tired? Are you kidding me? Ozzie played the whole game and was probably working harder than anyone on the Fire all game. It was a sick nasty goal,so happy I could see it in person

  8. This was such an amazing goal. Ozzie is by far my fave Sounder. He brings it, 110%, every single game. LOVE!!!!

  9. to all these comments saying it’s not they’re fault because they were tired, the sounders played just as long as they did including alonso who played the full 96.

  10. @nike2376 Check this…that ohh so important MLS game was played by Chicago’s “RESERVES” who could only pull a tie out! They rested their starters for the U.S. Open cup…. They just couldnt hang against the power ranked #2 Sounders! Chicago is a lowly power ranked #8! That 96th minute goal was just a way of saying get off the pitch cause you aint got shit on Seattle! DONE AND DONE!

  11. @s0ccer96 In case you didn’t know, MLS has limited roster space and a really congested schedule. It is possible for people that are professional soccer players to be tired.

  12. @s0ccer96 It’s the 96th minute in a mid-week game, I’m guessing the players are maybe a little too tired to cover enough of the field for you…

    It was an amazing goal by a defensive midfielder, how about you recognize the positive, ass hole

  13. @MrTovson Not always, teams like Real Salt Lake, Sounders, LA, & NY usually put together numerous passes.

  14. The MLS has definitely picked up the pace of its matches as on display last night. However, the quality of touch and pass is still very lacking and rarely are 5 consecutive passes completed.

  15. @mikiturner i definetely agree with you about the space but if three people defending cant break someones stride, the defending isnt stellar either.

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