19 thoughts on “Seattle fans come alive: Sounders-Sporting KC matchday

  1. @GiblinJackWATP95 Largest crowd in the MLS. LA galaxy has something like 24k per game. SEATTLE SOUNDERS!

  2. @michelleAH96 Fucito scored when we beat them in 2010! This time it was Parke 😀 Kansas City never plays the full 90!

  3. hahahahahaha seatle stands filled with seamans kkkkkkkk theres a lot of seamens among seatle fans kkkkkkkkkkk

  4. @einmaleinsTV but they dont have louder fans lol look up king henrik larrson always king of celtic

  5. @williammannix123 No. I am not saying that the Sounders have louder fans. All, I am saying is that those “new” American fans are real fans and it’s finally comparable to European soccer. And that is exciting for soccer in America and for me, living in the US.

  6. @einmaleinsTV so you going to an old firm or what???? youd be blown away! go to one at celtic park not ibrox because celtic have better fans

  7. Wasn’t that goal by Mike Fucito? Sounders have the best fans in MLS im glad you realized that 🙂 timbers kiss our ass!

  8. @einmaleinsTV your retarded how in gods name are they better then any europion fans go to an old firm celtiv v rangers and then come back and say that…

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