Super Bowl LIII is one of the events that were held recently and the match held between Los Angeles Ram and New England Patriots saw scoreless action on the field for 120 minutes. The final results were the Patriots winning the game on the basis of penalty kicks. Jared Goff of Rams team could have brought his team to a level from the spot position but he was unable to do so whereas Rex Burkhead was able to step up and put the game away with the penalty kick.

This is probably the lowest game score achieved in the history of the Super Bowl. It seems that punters like Johnny Hekker and Ryan Allen need to be inserted as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. That is what brings in showmanship, glamor, glitz, and hype in the game and takes it to world championship levels. This also reflects in the attendance of the fans. For instance, the MLS Cup that was held in December was 73019 whereas attendance at the Super Bowl was 70081. However, fans will remember the rollicking ride that the games provided in MLS Cup 2010 which was held between FC Dallas and Colorado Rapids in Toronto.

However, there is also the example of how 2018 MLS Cup went. Here Atlanta United contested against Portland Timbers. This was truly a spectacle match as compared to Super Bowl LIII. MLS Cup saw 1300 tickets sold out for Timbers Army and Portland supporters protesting the same led to season ticket holders being given additional seats, 400 in number. The total number of 1700 led to a bursting stadium and it brought in noise and heat.

It is what makes MLS events special and that SuperBowl needs to step up the act to provide the same level of close contest and matches that prove to be exciting for the fans.