25 thoughts on “Sounders vs Red Bulls 4-2 Sutton gaff gifts Seattle a goal

  1. @996artichoke It’s football dude. Second, 3 billion people across every nation in the world watches this sport, only a small percentage of ONE country watches NFL. You’re an idi0t LOL. Third, I can’t believe you would even take the time to click on this video and comment a message of stupidity and hate. Go watch your NFL throwball while you’re spoon-fed commercials every two minutes.

  2. Mexico loss all game because they had U-22 team and not their strong players like Chicharito, Torrado, and Barrera.

  3. @drpajaro i never said it was as popular as UEFA. but its the same concept. jesus.  you dont hesitate to jump on people do you.

  4. @NickBigsmoke Same as UEFA?? oh give me a break, ok so maybe the only respected tournament in the continent is Copa America, where, by the way, in this year Mexico has lost every game so far (look it up). Concacaf is a low tier confederation, and it’s certainly NOT known or recognized for great football around the world. Sorry, I’m only stating facts here, just ask any fan from the football powerhouses (any european or south american).

  5. @perlandsson1 I kinda agree. NY is extremely overrated. I don’t think Sounders have nobody good except Rosales. Rosales is the centerpiece of the team, but Fucito constantly creates space, Alonso continues to shine every week, and Keller has been world class since the very start. So they’ve had 4 really good players. Montero just needs to learn to give a shit. Fernandez and Friberg are both starting to click too. If those guys can contribute, nobody will even know who the Red Bulls are.

  6. @MostSimpleUserName Yep. Which is why New York sucks. We are missing White, Zakuwani, and basically have nobody good except Rosales and we raped New York. Red Bulls are like the Lakers. Just buy a bunch of good players. NY SUCKS!

  7. @TheMrbrayn Red Bulls had 4 guys out this game. Thierry Henry was out due to suspension. Tim Ream, Juan Agudelo, and Rafael Marquez were both out for international duty in the Gold Cup. All these players have been key in the Red Bull’s success and they were playing against an in-form Sounders team.

  8. @NightDragon2383

    I was speaking more to basic ball handling skills, but point taken.

  9. @keimfa – Hey, btw, Sounders have a pretty good announcer for area?local TV(british) Arlo White. Check it out if you have the chance.

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