25 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders call and repeat – Emerald City Supporters

  1. @CameronSydneyMorgan NOT anymore. Im a fan but they arent too hot this year. 2nd in the EPL and they arent even in the champions league.

  2. so failure city seattle how does losing to the mormons feel
    no title for the fake fans this year

  3. jajaja ke pedo kon sus gritos estan pujando o ke pedo ajaja dan risa si kieren ver barras vean a las mexicanas o sudamericanas y veran lo ke es alentar un ekipo

  4. this really isnt that good what are they the picassos of football songs its not very creative emerald emerald emerald what should come next…..emerald? ive heard more creative football songs at hartlepool

  5. @RICH08XX At half time the coach of Seattle brought off every starter; Man U brought on Rooney and Park. What did you expect anyways? A 100 year old team vs a 3 year old team.

  6. @joeDevils Except they where not part of the first teams that where actually established 😉

  7. @nuggz503 Actually I support the Colorado Rapids (bring on the hate Sounders) and I beleive that these guys sound like an actual club. Not saying that the timbers don’t. It was great seeing you guys at the first game of the season ;).

  8. Timbers Army – half the size, three times the passion and creativity. You flounders just sound like you have tourette’s syndrome.


  9. The only thing i dont understand about Seattle SOunders is why they play in a stadium that seats like 70,000 people when they fill up like 35000 a game.

  10. i guarantee in 100 years time when football has fully established itself in the us, and every team there has history, seattle sounders will be regarded as the founding fathers of us football. greetings from england

  11. @calheji yeah dude, im off to spain next week and dont get me wrong, ive been to games like that, but i also enjoy just as much the pride and support that the pacific northwest has shown over the recent years.

  12. @spanishoceango check this out…may be you can learn more about how support a team

  13. I wouldnt say they have the “best” fans but they certainly have the most… hope they keep going to games

  14. hey im going to a game in july 23 and make a new poster everytime i go… anyone have any ideas what the poster should say?

  15. Getting goosebumps just thinking about the game next month against Man Utd. Gonna be great!

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