10 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers: “Watching from afar” – words by Greg Lalas

  1. I’ve been to WC games, been to Wembley, Stamford Bridge and many stadiums
    in my 40 years following my beloved Chelsea. I do not remember any
    experience as good as the Sounders v Timbers home game yesterday,

  2. Went to the playoff game in Portland last year, unbelievable experience.
    Television is no where close to the stadium. #RCTID 

  3. You’re fooling yourself into believing that watching on the telly is
    enough. Being there is a indescribable experience.

  4. I’m so sad Ill be out of country this weekend. I could so have gone to the
    Sounders game. I’ll watch it on MLS live when I come back I guess…

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