25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders FC vs New England Revolution, April 13, 2013

  1. i didnt come up with this, but whats the difference between the sounders
    and a triangle? a triangle has 3 points!

  2. Zakuani can’t finish anything. Same thing he did vs Santos on Tuesday, had
    a bunch of chances and didn’t finish anything…..

  3. It would help if we had our starting forwards playing… You know, that one
    USMNT guy and that DP forward. Kind of a big deal to miss them, but
    still… We should have ONE depth player that can score.

  4. Pretty ridiculous that you don’t show Bengston’s chance. Equally
    disappointing that he couldn’t get a toe to the ball and touch it over

  5. Looks like a game we should have won but we can’t finish with Zak up top.
    Oba and EJ should dominate the MLS but we haven’t looked great up top since
    Montero left.

  6. I don’t see a problem with Neagle up top, but Zak is not a forward. Even
    before the injury I wouldn’t see him as anything but a speedy winger with
    intelligent passes. He’s most valuable where Caskey was posted at left mid.

  7. Not booing the team, booing the ref. It was short with only a few people
    and it didn’t catch on.

  8. The fans appear to be booing the ref for his decision to end the game on a
    throwin within dangerous close proximity to the net. Not the team, I hope

  9. I was in the stands and couldn’t hear booing, but people around me were
    shouting at the ref. I didn’t hear booing until I reviewed the match. In
    any case, it only sounds like a few people and it doesn’t last long.

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