25 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers Highlights

  1. Portland supporters love Soccer, Seattle supporters love pretending they’re in Europe.

  2. God fucking americans suck ass at soccer wat the hell its like watching children no the children are beter from where i am!!!

  3. @JHipHopLee Good fan support. Sure other MLS teams have fan support but they are mainly ‘event’ supporters. They attend because it is something to do. LA Galaxy and New York Red Bulls have decent fans too but they just don’t seem in to it like Timbers and Sounders

  4. @michelleAH96 It was a friendly game. That tends to happen lol They put in players to test them out, a lost friendly does nothing but maybe damage peoples ego. No shame in losing to Man United


  6. @Stollyify they glowed in the dark when I was doing your… nvm I’m better than that.

  7. By the way ,do those shitkits that Starbucks fc have on glow in the dark after sundown?

  8. @JHipHopLee see, the USOC final was already gonna b hosted by DC, u guys thought hey we want the final. U deserve it now because since Seattle joined the league u guys have own it(for now). I mean yea but Seattle hasn’t been able 2 do what DC did in their 1st 3yrs something Seattle talks about doing! Respect but respect those who came b4 u! DC since 96!

  9. @RIGSVIIVII Who was bitching? We made the highest bid. That’s just a good move by the FO. You can’t deny we have been VERY successful in our first 3 years in MLS.

  10. @JHipHopLee I mean prime example the USOC 09 u guys were bitching 2 host it lol! Highest attendance yea but loudest hell naw that’s us the ORIGINAL 12TH MAN IN DC!!! Yea, i see that by the stars over your crest lol!

  11. @RIGSVIIVII I’m not sure why you think the Sounders think they deserve everything.. I think the whole “best” fans thing is dumb. Just because we have the highest attendance and loudest fans doesn’t mean we’re the “best”. It just means we’re fucking boss. Oh and our team has been very successful since joining MLS. So stop being immature and calling an entire fanbase “fags”.

  12. @JHipHopLee A fag is some1 like the Sounders. Who r new 2 the block and think deserve everything just because u guys think your the best fans in MLS, that’s being a fag. lol I mean just look at your colors lol! Aight better then the Black and Red!!!!

  13. @RIGSVIIVII The people that use the word “fag”, are usually fags. Also fuck off.

  14. listen to 2:41 it sounds like michael bolton in jack sparrow by lonely island

  15. your league is better and better and nice support i didn expect to see supporters in America regards from Belgrade if u want to see more videos of my team fans just replay me 🙂

  16. take a look a europe style Red Star Belgrade fans 15000 ultras in north kop watch /watch?v=9weEh_3GBUE and some other clips  1996 choreography watch?v=wJqph0M5BX0 // eternal derby 2011 /watch?v=R9t3XPNmmIM // finale 1991champions league /watch?v=hQXGtO5XZx4 // /watch?v=nIqkVUi0OYQ and support in basketball match /watch?v=owwR0F0CbEo

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