25 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders v. Portland Timbers (Condensed)

  1. @iTiDarkenedK Well that doesn’t matter because the preseason doesn’t matter.

  2. @iTiDarkenedK Well that doesn’t matter because the preseason doesn’t matter.

  3. @MgoMuse Preseason doesn’t matter what so ever. We haven’t lost a preseason match either…

  4. @iTiDarkenedK ha! ya thought! Seattle is the reason why people in the us started paying attention to the mls

  5. @ellisatkinson123 Well, we have not lost a match in the preseason, so that is a fair start, Id say. See you in the Rose City.

  6. @MgoMuse no, you didnt get a single thing that i said correct. i was saying that you makes stupid remarks about the sounders, that have nothing to do with soccer, because you cant think of one reason that the timbers are better then the sounders. dumb ass.

  7. @MgoMuse You guys should be doing favors for us. We’re the only reason why people know who you fags are….

  8. @ellisatkinson123 Haha that was funny. So my comeback wasnt very good, so that automatically means that the Timbers suck, as does the whole city of Portland, do I get you?

  9. @MgoMuse hey good comeback, even though it had nothing to do with soccer, that is so Timbers of you to just make a gay statement like because you cant think of one reason why portland is better then seattle

  10. @thefroh1 ya, seattle fans love showing up in the rain and “pretend”… your a faggot

  11. Portland supporters love soccer. Seattle fans love pretending they’re in Europe.

  12. @planetes1973 36,593 customers. We Timbers have FANS. Cheers from PDX, mate.

  13. @PTFC98 reconsider both statements. If your team had a higher Quantity of goals they would’ve breached the top 5, in our coast at the very least. 12th is unacceptable with a such a nice new field. Also, there’s no ‘FC’ in your team’s name.

  14. Yes! Se o mundo é uma bola, a gente tem que entrar de sola para ganhar o campo! Para ganhar o campo!

  15. It always looks so packed there, its pretty awesome. I wish Columbus had half the supporters that Seattle does. We can barely get 12,000 to a game.

  16. @mailkandellis DUDE! I’m a Sounders fan! How could you think I was referring to Seattle as a hick town? COME ON YOU SOUNDERS! Does that sound like a battle cry or a disparaging remark? You are an idiot you know that! I almost got into a fight with Timbers fans when I went down to Portland. I fucking hate PDX! Idiot!

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