Seattle Sounders head coach Brian Schmetzer admitted that he did not have any preference when it came to the side that his team will face in the Western Conference Championship. Seattle Sounders manage to go through to the final by beating Vancouver Whitecaps by 2-0.

Brian Schmetzer said that he does not mind facing another team from Vancouver after beating the Whitecaps. He said that this stage all the teams are equal and that the players should be ready for a fight if they want to win the trophy. You can get great odds on them winning the trophy, with the 888sport bonus 2018 code helping fans get better odds too!

Brian Schmetzer told the media that he had no preference when it comes to teams that they will be facing. He said that whether it will be Houston or Portland, both teams will be tough opponents and that Seattle Sounders will have to be at their best if they want to win the trophy. Seattle Sounders will take confidence in the manner they have managed to beat Vancouver in the semi-finals. It was a difficult game for them with their rivals focusing on defending and hitting on the break.

Brian Schmetzer said that now they have 19 days to prepare their next game and he will want to use this in the best possible way. He recognized that his players have been giving their best on the pitch and that they need a break. For this reason, he said that he would be giving them some time off in order to enjoy and rest and then they will get back to work. He admitted that he would be missing the players that will be away on international duties, but he will want to work with those that are still here. He said that he would be spending time working on the tactics and also taking some time watching videos of the last match.

He said that it is important that they prepare themselves physically for the next game as it will not be an easy game. Brian Schmetzer said that the players should be ready to work hard in training in order to improve the physical aspect of their game. “We has a good squad and that there is so much quality in the team. You cannot reach the finals if you do not have a quality team. The players should believe that they can win the trophy irrespective of the opponents that they will be facing.”

The Seattle Sounders head coach said that it had been a tough season so far for them. He admitted that they started the season quite slowly, but they managed to recover as the season proceeded. He believes that some of the players were a bit complacent after they won the championship last season and it took some time for them to get motivated again. He said that he also had to learn a few things as a new coach, but he believes that things got better as the season goes by.