25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs. Montreal Impact | March 2, 2013

  1. Holy shit Seattles defense looks terrible. Not the way you want to see that
    backline just days before they travel down south to face Mexicos current
    top team in the league for CCL play.

  2. He actually did get injured. Might not play this weekend against Portland.
    But thats part of the game. Happens in Europe as well. If Seattle would of
    have scored in extra time because of Camara’s treatment making it longer,
    you guys probably would be praising him right now

  3. Daniel to Le Toux, first goal of the season, best goal of the opening

  4. What is the announcer talking about at 5:03-5:10. Gspurning almost got the
    ball with the turf bounce so if it was on grass the ball would have bounced
    lower and he would have saved it. Montreal deserved the win but the we
    should have scored in the second half.

  5. awesome profile pic! that shit was funny. that woman who honestly believed
    her artistic talent was quality enough to recreate that fresco. lmao. thx
    for my morning laugh.

  6. I don’t understand why people say the MLS is boring, by the highlights this
    game looked intense! Same with the Dynamo.

  7. It’s getting better match by match, year by year. There are still those
    sloppy, ugly to watch games but they are becoming less and less frequent.

  8. more teams have to employ the flick pass like that. see too many
    what-could-have-beens in games. simple flick pass, somebody to run onto it
    and bury it. some teams would be scoring goals in buckets.

  9. and garbers stupid salary caps limit the amount of money teams can spend on
    players.(he doesn’t mls to be another NASL) I mean I have no problem with a
    cap but at least raise it to like NFL levels for example.

  10. @Hulk9Brazilmtl c’est pas notre nom… On est montréalais, pas l’équipe de
    france. on est imfc, pas les bleus.in

  11. This highlight should’ve shown Nyassi colliding with the ref and getting
    knocked down, funny as hell!

  12. That Montreal goal was just all bad for Seattle. 3 defenders around Felipe,
    no one pressured him, and Gspurning was enough out of position that Arnaud
    could get it over him

  13. Great chip from Montreal, they deserved the win. Any team want to take
    Scott off Sounders hands? Please!

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