The GM of Seattle Sounders, Mr. Lagerwey, is hopeful of Jordan Morris joining in at some point of time in future.

Morris has so far been disinterested in making a move to Seattle and has preferred to continue playing for his university.

He has already made his debut in international Football and has even found the net on one occasion, but, for some reason, he has kept himself away from the Major League Soccer.

People don’t quite understand despite being good enough and having offers on the table, why Morris does not want to showcase his skills at the top level.

The Seattle GM reckons maybe Morris is too obsessed with college life and that’s why, he is a bit reluctant to move on.

Talking about Morris, Lagerwey said, “College years are very enjoyable for any youngster and Jordan is no different. He is having a great time at Stanford at the minute and he wants to be there for a little while which is completely understandable.”

“It would be great for us to have him on board if and when it happens. He has already shown at the international level what a wonderful talent he is.”

“It’s true we know Jordan’s family quite well, but, that does not mean anything. It would be entirely his personal choice what he wants to do. He knows what is best for him going forward and he would make decisions accordingly. I hope he comes and joins Seattle. But, there is no pressure from our side.”

Morris had actually spent a season with the Under-23 squad of Seattle in 2012-13 and had played a few games too before he moved to Stanford.

Morris has played 5 matches, in total, for the USA national team till now.