25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs. Chivas USA | September 4th, 2013

  1. you don’t know the rules. The ball was already free, he could drop it as
    much as he wanted

  2. They did, they got Torres and he isn’t half bad…but let’s just say that
    there still will be obligatory “Poor Dan Kennedy” jokes.

  3. Seattle needs to keep Neagle as a forward. When he was playing up top early
    in the season he was unstoppable.

  4. what was that at the end? If you drop it and then pick it up again you get
    a PK? Can someone explain this to me?

  5. Matt Fondy debuted tonight. I saw this guy play for the Blues where he
    probably made a few hundred bucks to playing for CUSA and making at least

  6. jazzx251 is correct. After Gispurning “dropped” the ball and then picked it
    up, the call should have been a indirect free kick from the spot where he
    picked the ball up. It would be the same call as if a teammate passed the
    ball back to him and he were to handle it. The reason why the free kick
    would be “indirect” is because the goalkeeper handled a “back-pass,” an act
    classified as a non-contact offense.

  7. we got better, we still suck. but at least we did get better. at least we a
    better than dc at this point lol

  8. If the keeper drops it then picks it back up the other team gets an
    indirect free kick from the spot of the infraction (even in the box). But
    what happened here was Geiger was blowing the whistle to end the game as
    Gspurning is dropping the ball, so didn’t add any extra time for Chivas to
    do the indirect free kick. He could have also concluded that Gspurning
    wouldn’t have dropped it (or picked it back up) if he wasn’t blowing the

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