16 thoughts on “2009 Lamar Hunt Open Cup Final – D.C. United vs. Seattle Sounders FC: Highlights – Sept. 2, 2009

  1. Wicks is a disgrace to the beautiful game. With his anger problems he’ll be
    out of the league in a year or two at most. Shame on D.C. for not issuing
    discipline, and keeping him on their roster.

  2. As a fan for Donovan & Becks I still want the Galaxy to win the MLS Cup.
    But Congrats to the Sounders. They’ve been one of the best all year and
    deserved the silverware. It certainly adds pressure to the next expansion
    team in Phily Union.

  3. damn crazy game. it was a really really good game although the action
    really didnt pick up for the last 30 minutes

  4. Both DC’s keepers made mistakes. Watch the second goal again and how the
    backup keep watched that soft cross go through as the ball passed a foot
    from his gloves, watched it come the whole time and never made a play for
    it. Where did he think it was going? Safely across the entire goal from 4
    yrds out? Lame decision.

  5. wicks is a fuckin moron for him to argue that red makes him look like a
    complete fool. bitch needs anger management

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