25 thoughts on “Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Seattle Sounders FC – Eric Hassli 2-2 Goal – 2011.06.11 – HD

  1. @BreathofArda don’t hate, im looking forward to when fantasy soccer is the next big thing

  2. Only americans would cover half their screen with pointless stats in the middle of a game. -_-

  3. @NickBigsmoke nagbe got the ball before it hit the ground, juggled it twice and perfectly shot it in the top left corner of the net over everyones head from outside the penalty box, thats not easy to do, and it was pure skill, this goal involved a bit of luck

  4. @TheOscar401 no way. Nagbe’s goal wasnt that great. he was completely squared on the goal when he hit it. Haslis was off balance, falling away from the goal and placed it perfectly in the corner.

  5. @ChelseaRDAChampions uhh no, this was a great goal but nagbe deserved GOTY

  6. Hassli was absolutely ROBBED in the Goal of the Year competition.

  7. @vegasfutbol how dare you insult kasey keller, its not funny, its just wrong.

  8. @TheCr7rules Thanks you, most Europeans come and write stupid and false comments saying MLS sucks.

  9. @mangahead21 you mention the US on a video about a guy on a CANADIAN team scoring

  10. “oh my word…what a strike…from eric hassli”….pretty sure i slaughtered a beer after that gem.

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  12. I don’t care what league you watch, this is one hell of a goal. That was all skill to score that. No bad keeping and no bad defending. Potentially goal of the year through all leagues.

    And I’m saying all of this as a Sounders fan.

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