24 thoughts on “Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Seattle Sounders FC – Eric Hassli 1-0 Goal – 2011.06.11 – HD

  1. @RusPrideAK Tim Howard is beast i dont know why your even talking about him on a Seattle vs Vancouver video……no life

  2. @15thavenueboys You’re right – my only experience watching him was against the US in the world cup. I was only making a point against that guy.

  3. @c0nlin Robert Green is a good goalkeeper…

    If you’re judging him based on one mistake you clearly haven’t seen his club play. with the back 4 he played with this year they were lucky they didn’t go down with 20 points.

  4. @RusPrideAK Hmmm everton beat Liverpool and scored twice against Manchester United in two minutes…

  5. @thebearsters he is not great, he is shit.

    the difference between me and you is that I confess that English keepers are shit. You don’t. Howard sucks.

  6. @RusPrideAK are you a dumbass, howard is great, better than your goal keeper

  7. @tsusajop I already told you, he is the worst goal keeper on earth, he sucks balls.

    u mad bro?

  8. @RusPrideAK just youtube Tim howard saves and tell me if he is or is not a good goal keeper. If you really think tim howard is a bad goal keeper your fucking stupid

  9. @tsusajop i mean, the guy is playing for everton for god’s sake, hahahahaha lol

  10. @RusPrideAK its a fact? Tim is one of the best keepers and if he was shit why did he play for MAN u, and is playing right now in england??

  11. @tsusajop I’m Russian but I have been living in the UK for 10 years, and I as I said, I don’t even support the English football team…

    all I said was that your goal keeper is shit… it’s a fact, sorry…

  12. @c0nlin And that goal was the best your country could produce against us. So Congratulations

  13. @amazonriverporpoise Joe Hart is a beast but i hate when people call out other countries like that dumbass.. Tim howard is amazing and England would be heads over heels to have a keeper as good as him.

  14. @RusPrideAK LMAO When did you win the world cup? Like a billion years ago. LMAO okay “rus”pride. keep on being a great brit!! Im sure your nation will enjoy it! So will rooney and Co as they watch the world cup 2014 final on the couch because baby he wont be in it.

  15. @RusPrideAK lol Well people that dont know how to play football tied the ALMIGHTY British..*cough 4-1 Germany cough*)

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