7 thoughts on “The Pug’s Thoughts in The Doghouse Vlog: Seattle Sounders FC vs. Real Salt Lake Preview

  1. @beefycharles12 Oh I see. I’ll be at the UW/Arizona game. I have season tickets.

  2. @Sportsnut04 dallas? oh no..sounders til i die. im a UW student..i hate FC dallas i was jus saying how their support is so much that the fans prolly all carpooled together in the same van. Torn, the first match of the playoff match will be during huskies vs arizona.

  3. @beefycharles12 The MLS is pretty big here the Northwest. Not just Seattle, but in Portland and Vancouver B.C. I hope you enjoyed your MLS Cup run last year for your FC Dallas. I know they came up short, but at atleast they got that far.

  4. @Sportsnut04 story of the whole season – no punch up forward so the midfield stepped up. Montero’s bitching didn’t quite help. I like montero when his heads right..hes pretty egotistically backward and not a very good team player. thankfully, his head is in the right place now for the playoff push. part’ve your video made me think, its really easy to think soccer’s on the rise when you live in seattle..dallas, not so much.I’m a season ticket holder in the crazy singing/flag waving section.

  5. @beefycharles12 To answer your question, I have been a fan since their expansion year. I just remember listening to 950 KJR when the Sounders were struggling and they were saying Montero needs to step up and Coach Sigi Schmid was calling him out in a press conference. Oh well. To each’s own. It’s amazing how the Sounders have set the bar for professional sports teams. It’s quite remarkable. You go to a lot of Sounder games?

  6. and the franchise is young.. the US has yet to continue to brace soccer as a sport culturally. SSFC will continue to be the benchmark of what every franchise could one day become. Raising the salary cap (to the millions) will be a giant step in american globalization in sports because then we can actually compete with signing the world’s best players.

  7. how long have you been a fan?.. the montero stuff was no controversy.. he was bummed out because he didn’t make the columbian international team (lack of performance early season for ssfc) he lost a bit of flare to play..it came back as soon as he got over it. He wasn’t given the bid because of lack of goals for ssfc early on. Fredy had to be benched in order for him to wake up out of diva status. His work ethics positively different now but who knows how long..

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