18 thoughts on “Thank You Arlo White

  1. @FrivolousFlibble great call! was at that game, but I always taped them just to hear his commentary

  2. Best announcer in the MLS! To bad hes leaving the best team in the MLS. It was a good pair!

  3. @cwliias bitter much? having this fabulous of an announcer is huge for footy in the US! its much, much more than a payday. its a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the face of MLS to the country! and i for one want the best man for that position. and they got him. so be happy! more Arlo for all!

  4. 3:08

    “Montero, being very deliberate here – he recognizes the significance of this opportunity… inside the final minute… Montero, CURLS IT…”

    Perfect setup, perfect goal, perfect call.

    Goosebumps still on that one.

  5. I think they accidentally said thank you and meant fuck you, you sellout …. Cant believe this guy leaves what he says is “his” team for money you dont do that if you love a team….

    Unless he’s still doing all our home games. I cant stand him any more which is sad cause i loved this guy

  6. So very sad to see him go; so very happy to get to share him with the league.

    Really, for NBC this must have been a no-brainer. There’s just nothing like Arlo.

  7. I want to point out how the editor used an audio clip at the end of this saying with Arlo saying “Goodbye for now”. Well done, I must say…
    We’ll miss you, Arlo. And like you said, goodbye for now.

  8. Car crash inducingly powerful “GOAL”. Arlo – we’ll miss you. Comeback to Seattle when you’re done conquering US football. Leicester will never love you as much as we do. It’s ok to be “Sometimes Blue, Forever Green”

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