25 thoughts on “Sporting KC vs Seattle Sounders : RED CARD Omar Bravo

  1. he could have hurt him very bad ! and the most people here dont know anything about football !!!

  2. theres was only little contact with only on of his feet after he clearly got the ball first.
    iv seen harder plays at the fifa world cup finals. its just the MLS is like this, players are pussified into acting like this on every play.

  3. @The8310353 That tackle is straight out of the textbook – the referee’s textbook on serious foul play. Two footed, off his feet, studs up flying towards the opponent’s ankles. Could have easily snapped his ankle. Very clear red card, totally correct decision.

  4. @freshfutbol No not even racist. Its more racist for you to even note that out!

  5. its a foul but not a red card. the commentor is acting like he killed the guy

  6. @Meech0w No, that’s not racism. That’s stereotyping. Racism has a simple definition: discrimination against people of a certain ethnicity/race. I’m not discriminating against an ethnicity or race, but rather those who suck at driving (which tend to be asians).

  7. @Looorney you are implying all asians cant drive….thats racist….and then to say you hate them ALL…thats racist…its like saying i hate all mexicans because they pick my strawberries, not because they are mexican.

  8. Bravo would beat the shit out of him
    For y’all gingers that don’t know he was a legend in Mexican boxing

  9. That’s definitely not worthy of a red card. That’s a foul, but definitely not a red card. He got ball first, indicating he’s going after the ball and not the player. Going in with two feet that time helps him cover more ground for stealing the ball. IMO, that’s at most a yellow card, if anything.

  10. jajajaja… Not really racist…. and Omar bravo is not know for playing defense but at least he is trying to help. jaja

  11. @KidDark509…..yeah you can clearly see two feet hit Noonan’s ankle….so I am sure he flopped. You’re right. Noonan has a reputation for being honest over 10+ years in this league. And I promise you I have watched more football from any federation than you ever will. Reason I get paid to cover it and you are stuck whining on youtube

  12. the disgraceful part wasnt the tackle but instead the way he dived in front of Noonan. Bravo is an accomplished boxer and the most he was able to do was fake a headbutt?

  13. @whoppersil No it wasn’t. Racism is hating someone because of their race. I hate asians because they cant drive, not because they are asian. He didn’t even put a negative connotation when he spoke. Mexican was simply a descriptor. Niko is right, go educate yourself.

  14. @NikotheRicoSuaverson that was extremly racist! i have never heard any anouncer say get the american off the fiels… have you? anyways that was not a red card tackle in the first place.

  15. hahahah he looks sooooo stupid when he dove and tried to get noonan sent off

  16. I guess you people dont understand the two footed tackle rule. Yes he got the ball first but your not allowed to to have both feet off the ground when you are making a 50-50 tackle and thats what he did. As soon as the whistle was blown, watch his teammates race to the spot of the foul because they knew the card was coming. You dont do that if its a regular foul. Yes he got the ball but he also got the player. This is called in Europe ALL the time. Not just MLS. Name the last time in happened?

  17. Ok guys it should have been a red card but once you start talking shit about Mexicans that’s a whole other thing. NOT ALL MEXICANS PLAY THIS WAY I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT. So please stop being racist and rude.

  18. Lol, you can’t just leap into a tackle 2-footed showing studs… What a idiot, he coulda got it clean easy if he just tackled normal, one-footed with his laces.

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