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  1. @ripcitiboi Hey, sorry about that. I was pretty upset that day and was already fuming over some other issues. Part of the reason that I was outraged by your comment is that I personally know Arlo White (the commentator), and I am half-mexican. So you calling my friend a racist is something I won’t stand for, and is completely incorrect, as he has been nothing but open to all races and has friends from all creeds and backgrounds (such as myself)

  2. @ripcitiboi So your saying calling someone by their correct nationality is racist? Im mexican. I call myself mexican, other people call me mexican. Im not offended by it.

  3. Also, at 5:28, he calls Mauro “The Argentine”. ZOMG WHAT A RACIST ASSHOLE. *sarcasm* (I felt necessary to denote the sarcasm, for fear that idiots such as ripcitiboi would misread it again)

  4. @ripcitiboi meanwhile the rest of us will continue to break down barriers by getting along and achieving great things with each other, instead of wallowing in self pity by creating problems out of nothing. You are part of the problem.

  5. @ripcitiboi do not try to use a patronising tone when all your posts are like a 12 year old whose just had his first school lesson on discrimination, but doesn’t really understand it yet. This here is not a serious issue. It’s a self righteous buffoon inventing an issue where none exists. If you want to twist an innocent reference to a person’s nationality into an example of discrimination in a pathetic self serving attempt to feel righteous and superior, then by all means.

  6. @Tartan if you think the topic is a waste of time then do not bother me and do not waste my time. i am fine in having a serious dialogue but not with a bigot who thinks he can re-spark a serious issue by backslapping with an “people [are] ridiculously oversensitive” approach. good bye young one

  7. @ripcitiboi I read some of them and your arguments are ridiculous. I decided not to waste any more time on them. You need to research racism. Whether the context of the sentence is negative or positive is irrelevant. The only relevance is whether the negativity is based purely on him being Mexican. It wasn’t.

  8. @moccasins23 of course the context matters, especially in a derogatory manner. you should know that and so should anyone. because then nothing reported would be credible taken out of context. and by your logic to the second statement, then it would be ok for the commentator to call him the brown guy because he describes people by their color all the time? all in all, you were not the one getting the short end of the stick.

  9. @moccasins23 it is not that i wan’t his nationality a secret it was the manner it was phrased. look at my 3 replies to meeks82

  10. @meeks82 it is always brushed as an easy answer with no real solution. barack obama presidency is a great example. it goes beyond agreeing or disagreeing with his policies . fox news, republicans, and the tea party have all done/said things that are racist or “borderline” racist. sports is no different, especially soccer. if you don’t agree with me it is fine because at least there was a healthy discussion about it and it was brought to light.

  11. @meeks82 i am not sure if you are of caucasian decent but in the other video there were many spanish speaking people disliking the comment and saying it was a racist remark. maybe because of your background you will never fully comprehend. racism is only against the minority. it cannot be white vs white. it is too much to grasp or to explain. i took a course about this in college. it happens more often than you think but people don’t like to hear about it nor discuss it.

  12. @meeks82 it relies on the context and if he said it in a derogatory manner than yes. and i believe he said it in a disrespectful attitude because bravo was being too aggressive. i have seen numerous of uncalled for aggression in sports (far worse) but the commendatory is always composed n does not address them by yelling out their nationality in a derogatory manner. i have actually never heard that before. if you cannot see that is unnecessary and lets say “borderline” racist then i’m sorry.

  13. @ripcitiboi Furthermore, the context is not racist at all. “Bravo just won’t get off the field. Marufo needs to step in here and get the Mexican off the field.” He originally referred to him by name and only secondarily referred to him by his nationality. What if it was a guy from Texas? Would it be racist to say the ref needs to get the Texan off the field? You’re trying to make a controversy out of nothing.

  14. @ripcitiboi What about get the Canadian out of here? I still do not get how this is racist. We are dealing with nationalities, not ethic groups. I’m sorry but that isn’t even borderline racist. Racism is the belief that one ethnicity is superior to the rest. I have heard Arlo refer to British players as his fellow Englishman. Does that mean he’s racist against people from his own country? Calling this racist is just flawed logic.

  15. @ripcitiboi Like @meeks82 said, this announcer calls every player by his nationality.  Why would he stop at this point? And yes, all of those things sound perfectly fine, except “African” doesn’t really fit in being that Africa is a continent not a country. And why wouldn’t you want kids calling Bravo a Mexican?

  16. @moccasins23 also look at the third comment by weezelanimal. you see the effect it has. having people take these comments lightly makes them think its ok to say it. think about what the others perspective.

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