25 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers

  1. @soundersfcfanatic Is that all you can say? Seattle get smarter please. Because apparently, our fans are more loyal and passionate then you guys, get a family please.

  2. Your sister is your mother
    your father is your brother
    the timbers family!

  3. @gje85

    Notice how there are no Epic Cunt Sores…where have you Johnny Latelys been?

  4. @samusman1 Thats the type of answer I’d expect from pretentious douches like yourself

  5. portland timbers for 2011 mls soccer will be the shittiest team ive ever seen

  6. God, I can’t wait to wipe the smug of those Sounder douches on a pro level next year = ) “Oh look at us in our fancy NFL stadium” Just a bunch of wankers!


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