6 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs. FC Dallas – 20/08/11 – [Week 23 – Highlights]

  1. I haven’t been to an FC Dallas game in years. Frisco is a long drive from where i live, that’s the reason why I haven’t bneen going lately.They should’ve had build the Pizza Hut Arena in Downtown Dallas instead of Frisco just like they did with the Cotton Bowl, they would honestly gain more fans, and more ppl will fill the arena. just sayin!

  2. @Diabloke2701 No indeed, that’s my point. And even if it was, at least he didn”t act like he got shot or something.

  3. @audaxx93 well, you are right there i must say. But in this video it certainly wasnt a dive from Cruz.

  4. @Diabloke2701 No, I’m not. Sure, the level is a lot lower, but it’s far more ‘honest’. It’s really about the game and not the entire soap opera outside the pitch. Although I follow most of the European football, I’m kinda fed up with the manner some teams play nowadays. It’s all about the dives and manipulation of referees. Really sad.

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