12 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders: Introduction and some funny moments.

  1. @berryice9600 Yes he still is. They have been together since they were teens 😉 <3 The Sounders FC make "Date a Sounder" videos with almost all of them, even if they are already married or currently in a relationship.

  2. is Servando still dating Alex?
    wondering because there’s a “Date a Sounder” commercial of him!!

  3. @DerbyGoesFast It was actually a whole crowd of people screaming. girls..and guys 😛

  4. wow all that screaming sure is annoying, sure would have hated to sit next to those girls

  5. I love these guys! Ha ha love how playful they are 🙂 lol everyone went crazy for Fredy 🙂

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