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  1. The sounders have won more than just the open cup (three years in a row). In the A-League/USL-1 Sounders have won four championships, winning the league cup in 1995, 1996, 2005 and again in 2007, They have numerous division titles and advanced to the league finals in both 2004 and 2005. we also have won the Commissioner’s Cup, Pacific Division Champions, Western Conference Champion, and the Cascadia Cup. Im sorry but i dont see anything coming from the Portscum Splinters!

  2. Portland has surpassed them as the best support in MLS. And the Timbers have a true SSS, not that NFL stadium that the Sounders are claiming to be the best in MLS. Talk shit when you have a stadium and have won something, Fuck the Open Cup, who cares. The Timbers only took one year to show the world what frauds and plastic glory hounds reside in Seattle. Coming soon to YouTube, Sigi Schmid Foot Fetish videos featuring Bruce Arena!

  3. decent team. Phoney fans. No heart in the belly. When flounders start not making the play offs. Well OKC needs and MLS team.

  4. @ricbro1223 That’s the way it is done all over continental Europe and a lot of the rest of the world. Many stadiums have permanent stands for these song leaders (or capos as they are usually called). I know it seems odd for somebody from England.

    Here’s some examples (one is from England; continental culture is spreading even there): /watch?v=uU63FgzqjO8 /watch?v=o5qpInJNA74 /watch?v=POEPCg7D85M

    Start the first one ar 0:44 or so.

  5. @fistateos Still don’t like the drums, but I don’t only mean the drums, I also mean the fact that like 1 guy is turned the other way and decides the chants and stuff. You get me?

  6. @ricbro1223 Look around Youtube or elsewhere and you’ll see that many European supporter groups use drums. Europe has a bit more to it than the UK, you know… Suggest putting “dale cavese” or “horto magiko” as your search terms to get a good start in discovering a world beyond your Island (or use these: /watch?v=S7Inv49Ghr8 and /watch?v=u0rMe2Vyb9E).

  7. @ricbro1223 Just so you know not all the chants we have are like that, we have tons others. i realized that it kindof seems like it though in this video. But thanks.

  8. If they’d want to be like the europeans teams as you say in the description they got to lose the drum and all that shit. Chanting is suppose to be supporting and not having a party at the stands. And get chants that aren’t just Olé Olé or Here We Go and stuff. But still good support from Sounders.

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