Seattle Sounders currently have many injured players, and this can become a major issue for coach Brian Schmetzer especially that they have qualified for the MLS Cup.

Brian Schmetzer said that the major loss would be Osvaldo Alonso as he is an important member of the team. The final is scheduled for the 10 of December, and the Seattle Sounders coach hopes that the player will be ready by then.

Brian Schmetzer said that he is disappointed with the injury to Alonso as the player was so desperate to be part of the team to play in the final. Brian Schmetzer said that he expects him to be ready for the game and that there is nothing that could prevent him from playing. He said that Osvaldo Alonso has been waiting for so long for this game and that now that he has the chance he would not want to miss it.

Indeed Osvaldo Alonso is one of the rare players that have been with Seattle Sounders ever since the beginning in 2009, and he is often referred to as being the brain and heart of Seattle Sounders.

Andreas Ivanschitz is another player that is currently injured and faces a race against the clock to be ready for the MLS Cup final.

Brian Schmetzer said that he is disappointed for the players that are currently injured and that so wanted to be part of the team. However, he was keen to stress out that only fit players will participate in the MLS Cup final as he will not want to jeopardize the team chances. The coach said that the team interest lies above any individual interest and that he will only be fielding a team that can win the tournament. He said that there is still time for some players to recover and that they will face a late fitness test to assess whether they can participate in the final.