24 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders at Houston Dynamo Western Conference Semifinal Game Highlights 11/08/09

  1. Prabably because the Phillies have won a World Series in recent years but you just have to give it time and the Union’s fanbase will grow on it’s own.

  2. So true. Just look at the Philadelphia Union: They’re having trouble competing with the Philadelphia Philles during the season.

  3. The dynamo have a problem in selling out the seats at the stadium because most houston sports fans would rather go a texans ,rockets, or astros than a dynamo game even though our team was pretty dominant when we first started playing here houston(We sucked this season i know). I’m sure when the dynamo get their soccer specific stadium they won’t have a problem selling out the stadium plus hopefully they won’t have to deal with any complaints about the field.

  4. Damn……………YOUR FANBASE REALLY SUCKS!!!!! YOU ALREADY HAVE 2 CUPS AND YOU CAN’T SELL OUT A FUCKIN’ PLAYOFF GAME?!?!……… is my response to you totally making me feel like an idiot…….

  5. How long did it take for Houston to win thier first MLS cup? We just had our first season…

  6. The Sounders of MLS already have a fan base thanks to the Sounders of USL. Also, the U.S. Open Cup is a minor tourney. Win a MLS Cup then you can start talking shit.

  7. @DotKritic OOOOO… that changes everything, now my opinion on Houston Dynamo fans has improved 19%. 85% full is still 15% less full than what the Sounders produce every match. @wetbackattack09, we do have a championship: the 2009 US Open Cup…

  8. Ok to all of you Seattle fans talking shit about the field and the Dynamo: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Until y’all have a Championship under your belt, I wouldn’t be saying a word.

  9. Que horrible narran los Mexicanos, Prefiero ver el partido sin sonido, que desastre!

  10. yeah maybe if ur team was better u would hav a decent stadium and more fans… u r lucky u got that goal cuz we r gona crush u this yr

  11. so sad we couldnt move on…. i believe poor reffing in the first game is partly to blame… the second was a better match to watch but i only wish the outcome was better

  12. hey idiot do u like orange as in the fruit? cuz thats wat naranja is! dduuhhh its anaranjado if ur saying the color… but if ur saying the dyanmo is a bunch of fruits ur right! they SUCK

  13. Still NY beat Toronto Fc 5-1(I think) on there last game of the season miracles happen and Last season was not ours.Neither is this one.

  14. Houston’s first two seasons, they won the MLS Cup… If Seattle was comparable, they would’ve won in their inaugural season.

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