23 thoughts on “Seattle reaction after loss to Timbers

  1. Its a whole lot better than losing to your arch rival :-) How’s 8 games in a row without winning treating you?

  2. Glad a Shittle fan is spitting venom, kind of the point 🙂 Good news is they aren’t stuck flopping in soccer, turns out they can put Eddie Johnson in some MMA bouts too

  3. Todd is a typical Flounders fan, living in the past. Even though your club is shite Todd, you can always root for a winner like the Sonics…oh wait…too soon?

  4. That is awesome, even when trying to make something funny about Seattle the TA still circle jerk each other in their video. HAHAHA, went to the match, funny, didn’t hear TA, saw the tifo though, man, must have taken AT LEAST a lunchbreak to design that masterpiece of shit. But let’s get back to whats important, did you guys finish circle jerking each other yet? Good, check the standings….check your trophy case…..check, well shit, you get the point.

  5. “…perhaps we should move to Oklahoma.”

    Epic. Excellent job, Dan, first-class right here.

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