20 thoughts on “Park Ji Sung Goal – Seattle Sounders vs Manchester United (0-5)

  1. @MaestroDelFutbol Here we go again. How can MLS teams compete in South American tournaments when North American teams are invitational? Therefore, that statement is irrelevant. And again, we’ll see who wins. I hope for their sake Santos does not make the same mistakes Pumas and Monterrey made.

  2. @ArmouredWalrusWhy the fuck i have to give credit to MLS team that hasnt won anything big? Did any of your MLS clubs ever win a Copa Sudamerican or Copa Libertadores? Hell no..! Your delusional and a reatarded one as well thinking your patethic teams have a chance to beat Santos. Its funny how Pumas made it QT Finals being a young team of U20s dont you just hate being american knowing that your youth systems suck! LMAO

  3. @MaestroDelFutbol Sadly, you are just as delusional as the rest. We’ll see who wins. If not Seattle, than LA will go on(as much as I despise them). I am not saying Seattle or MLS is better by any means, just credit needs to be given where it is due.

  4. @ArmouredWalrus Lmao So is Chivas Guadalajara there doing terrible in the league. Keep going with your excuses its funny how you guys cant accept the facts. MLS has a long way buddy to reach our international trophies lol Seattle didnt do anything because they never ended up winning the trophie lmao Who are the Champs Monterrey. Whos going to beat Seattle this year Santos Laguna hahaha

  5. @MaestroDelFutbol And for the record, that was a preseason game, meaning New York was not in form, and during that particular game played a man down for 60 minutes. Plus, they scored a rather unlucky own goal. Plus, they were up 2-0 before the red card. If you are going to insult a team, at least use real evidence.

    And New York sucks.

  6. @MaestroDelFutbol New York is terrible. Look at what Seattle did to Monterrey. Mexico is waning. MLS is growing.

    Did I mention New York is terrible? Finished 10th in the league.

  7. @ArmouredWalrus It dosnt matter MLS league sucks. Look @ Red Bulls in the summer pre-season. Red Bulls A Team flew down to Mexico and got there ass handed by Chivas Guadalajaras Reserves. Yes Henry and Marquez were on the pitch and still got there ass wuped by couple of 18-20 yr olds. Even Mexico dosnt take you guys seriously.

  8. @SyncAhead I agree to most of what you say. If 25% of the US talent pool went into football, than the US could probobly be a major exporter of talent to any of the best leagues. However, it seems about 7% of the talent pool goes into it right now. But from what I’ve seen, it is growing, for the time being. The fact that the MLS seems to get more young talent by the year that will almost certainly be Europe bound speaks volumes.

  9. @ArmouredWalrus, The mentality of Americans (U.S.A.) in general is very closed minded, which is why the World view’s it like that. Futbol is truly such a World sport that it speaks way beyond the boundaries of just the sport. It’s carries the weight and show’s the heart of national pride, which U.S.A. can’t really claim. U.S. is a hijacked mutt nation, which necessarily doesn’t mean it’s bad, but the point is the heart of Futbol will always belong to the World except U.S.A.

  10. @ArmouredWalrus, Fair enough. Do keep in mind though that U.S.A. as a nation is made up of those from other countries. There is no such thing as a race called American, hence citizen; therefore, although U.S.A. should have an edge due to the varies talents (international players) that make up U.S.A. futbol, they still suck. Technically the U.S. can’t really claim national pride, because it is made up of people from all the great countries of the World. Worlds view = cocky U.S.A.

  11. @SyncAhead By jealousy I was refering to to the fanbase. You can’t deny it is far better than the rest of America. I agree, America is VERY far behind Europe; however, MLS gets better by the year, and is about the level of the skill of mid-Championship.

    I mean no disrespect to the great clubs of Europe, I only mean to say that it is incorrect to say MLS is worst in the world (see Ireland, Scotland)

  12. @ArmouredWalrus, Jealousy? LOL. Getting whooped by 7 is jealousy? I know what I’m talking about. America is way way way behind in the World sport of futbol. Very cocky too.

  13. @SyncAhead 1st of all I sense jealousy. Second of all, at half time, the Sounders RESERVES came on the field, vs Man U brought on Wayne Rooney and Park. If you are going to say something, at least make it seem like you know what you are talking about.

    I do agree that most American commentators are awful.

  14. @TheSonyPSVita , absolutely and I’m so glad he got it for theb game against MinorLeagueSoccer all star game…all star? pphhsss bull $#!t, but yea anyways….ManU! Great job Park and the team! MVP!

  15. @MrAlexb1993 , they are annoying but it is playing grounds for ManU…MinorLeagueSoccer sucks balls..it’s the truth..it’s all about the International Futbol….facts are facts dude…and I flew in from Hawaii for the game and let me tell you, the Seattle fans that I ran into are the most annoying, cocky, arrogant fags in the world…does futbol injustice…disgrace. BUT…7-0, made a strong statement in who’s your daddy…def not Minor League Soccer…mls bs at best.

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