25 thoughts on “MatchDay 360: Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders

  1. I can watch this a million times!!! Sounders baby!! But the timbers do have some amazing players. Perlaza? I think that’s how you spell it, has some great speed!

  2. @MrPunchout2000 Oh I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it; I didn’t even imply it o.O I think it’s brilliant that we have supporters all over the country! Just watch, the next decade or so and the Sounders’ fan base will be gigantic! Sounders ’till I die!

  3. @richierich61904 What I meant was it already has 3 teams on its own, so it doesn’t need an extra- you did bring up something though; I think Chivas USA needs a new area, so who knows, maybe San Diego is where they should go!

  4. @aximlii I see nothing wrong with Rich being from California and supporting the Sounders there are people from all over the country who cheer for the Red Sox and the Yankees and don’t even live in Mass or NY. I think its good that the Sounders fan base is expanding beyond washington nation wide and maybe even world wide!

  5. He even said it himself he likes the Sounders because he gets that European feel to the game when he watches the Sounder FC games on television.

  6. @richierich61904 I agree with you Richierich San Diego infact is the highest rated town when it comes to viewing games on television. And also they are the 6th largest city in the country. Why not awrd them a MLS franchise + they also are next to the border thus creating a even huger fan base and more popularity for the sport. I see nothing wrong with Rich being from California and supporting the Sounders there are people from all over the country who cheer for the Red Sox and the Yankees.

  7. @aximlii yes that is correct san diego is in california you know your geography lol california also has 3 NFL football teams and 4 MLB baseball teams and cali is the second largest state in the U.S & SD has the highest TV ratings in the nation when it comes to soccer. And Chivas USA almost became a San Diego team but Owner Vergara wanted his team to play at the Home Depot center in Los Angeles. I hope one day Soccer becomes big in the United States one day like it is in England.

  8. @richierich61904 San Diego is in California, which already has 3 MLS teams haha- I’m wondering if they should consider making two Major Leagues, like in Brazil for example- We’re a big enough country, so we just need to spread the soccer word!

  9. Haha you call that fans? Sounders almost double your crowd!!! I was just in Portland today for a soccer tournament and I saw more sounders fans then I did timbers!!! Sounders Till I Die!!

  10. I don’t even live in Seattle but my favorite MLS team is the Sounders! My home town San Diego has the highest TV ratings when it comes to soccer games yet they wont award us a MLS team. But im a fan of soccer and I like The Seattle Sounders FC franchise you guys have a European feel when I watch your games. Im a Sounders FC fan!

  11. Great video, name of song?
    Really don’t like the Sounders lime green kit.
    Should have worn the deep blue kit

  12. You can watch the National Anthem of this game sung by Kyra Smith on my youtube channel!

  13. I’m a Sounders supporter, but this game was pure Cascadia pride. The whole northwest is behind these teams, Whitecaps included.

  14. soccer is better than basketball, football,baseball, and hockey combined!
    and this is coming from an american

  15. Love that they had Arlo whites calls on the goals. Best announcer in MLS no doubt about it 🙂

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