25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: San Jose Earthquakes vs Seattle Sounders | July 13, 2013

  1. He did, in my opinion Gspurning is probably the best GK in the league and
    I’m a SJ fan.

  2. Maybe. He was warned beforehand of either a foul, protest or facetoface. If
    he used a curse word or verbally assaulted the player directly. The red
    card must be issued for disruption of sportsmanship on the field.

  3. @ Jackjohnson58ify If you’re going to say that Ozzy deserved a red then
    prove it! You can’t say he “may have” slapped a player!

  4. No, it was described by the referee as “violent conduct” and “contact above
    the shoulders”, and as shown in this video of the preceding play it simply
    didn’t happen: [youtube]/watch?v=mr4koidbuco

  5. When there are multiple instances per week when a referee has made a CLEAR
    AS DAY bad call, then you know your league has issues. This and the Chivas
    game make 2 terrible officiating calls.

  6. Crew fans still like him. He’s the guy that everyone wants to hate just
    because he’s a little rough (like it isn’t common in Europe), but the same
    people that hate him want someone like him on their team.

  7. Didn’t see the match. This highlight reel is the first video I’ve seen of
    the SeaVSJ game. I did follow the match on Twitter, but it seemed that
    Seattle just wasn’t playing good. (Albeit, having to use all three subs on
    injuries.) After seeing this video, I do think Lenny could have seen a
    second yellow for the challenge on Gispurning (when he had to be subbed).
    Reasoning for that: Despite how clean it may look, it’s a “reckless” tackle
    when he does not win the ball.

  8. Furthermore, SJ is lucky to have their goal counted. Though it isn’t
    typically called, Gordan was on an offsides position (top of the 6-yd
    penalty box) when Martinez shot the game-winning goal. Now you may say
    Gordan did not touch the ball. A vaild point, but FIFA refs can call an
    offsides if the player affects the play. (Poor word choice, I know.)
    Basically, Gordan’s feint header was right in the line of the play when he
    was in an offsides position.

  9. Proud of You Walter “Pery” Martinez! Honduras is well represented by 3 grat
    players in SJE!!!! Viva Honduras!!!!

  10. For all of you people saying he didn’t deserve a red, he got a red for
    something that wasn’t shown in this video, god fuck. He didn’t get a red
    just because he was arguing with the San Jose player. If you go back to
    that free kick right before this sequence, you can see Alonzo may have
    slapped a San Jose player.

  11. Hey I’m the first to say anything interesting or smart! MLS refereeing is
    disgraceful. That red card will be rescinded by Wednesday.

  12. We don’t know for sure why that red card was called. From what we can see
    here (and what we could see in real time), the call makes no sense. But you
    don’t get a straight red for nothing. IDK, who knows? There were a few
    other bizarre calls, too, though. I rarely say this (and I’m an SJ fan),
    but the reffing this game was baffling.

  13. Playing with two target forwards like Lenhart and Gordon meant only lobbing
    the ball to them in the air, and Seattle defense was just jumping all game
    long. It’s a good thing Martinez was found open because the Quakes couldn’t
    muster other attacks apart from the air.

  14. I say the highlight of the match is when Eddie Johnson grabbed his crotch,
    & mouthed “fuck you” to the home crowd. & people call Lenny a douche…

  15. If it was a red card then they both deserved it . But I think it didnt
    deserve a red card . Cmon sounders

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