25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Real Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders

  1. lol looks like the Sounders can’t stop choking. Shit, RFK would of been a better fit for an MLS cup final!

  2. I’m RSLTID but when this team goes five games without scoring a SINGLE GOAL something is wrong.

  3. balotteli doesnt starts hes not even a first 11 player. talent wise hes probably the best and u must not forget that mancini is a baised coach who wouldnt put balotelli out that easily, mourinho and inter didnt want him to play at inter so they sell him without even putting effort to it. to be a huge talent u must not only be good at playing the game but also have a top mentality as a pro

  4. You keep on trying to make a rule out of an exception.

    Balotelli CAN start and he’s remarkably skilled. He also is on fine ice all the time due to his ridiculous immaturity and antics.

    Can you stop arguing for the sake of arguing now?


  6. Actually we didn’t that bad the first game of the series. We were just unlucky with the goals we missed and Robbie Keane hitting the crossbar. They got a lucky goal at the end. I honestly think it’s going to be a good series regardless but I know we can make it through. Since the 2nd leg won’t be soon that will give our team the rest that we need. and AJ will be back in our D, to have our Championship winning defense from last year.

  7. Marito Martinez wbat a goal , I hope you keep doing like that on Honduras national team

  8. i really have to love the playoffs, the aggregate lead pushes the down team to make some close and breathtaking chances… what a match.. Seattle really does deserves it, the game could have gone to penalties without Mario Martinez’s magic touch… COME ON SOUNDERS! BEAT LA!!

  9. @iLikeaplayadedrums youre just saying that because the sounders made it to the next round, last year the sounders were supporters shield runners up. and seattle also had a 9 game winless streak this season

  10. The Sounders are an extremely different team now then what they were two years ago. I would say this season’s results would bring more importance than those of previous seasons.

  11. @iLikeaplayadedrums you forgot about the drubbing LA gave the sounders 2 years ago, in seattle and again beating seattle in the first game of the 2011 season.

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