24 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Colorado Rapids vs Seattle Sounders, July 28th, 2012

  1. yea thats actually a great idea. im American as well and anytime USA plays i cheer for my country. we need more players that can come and show USA how to play football. i all so think that we need to change the new as well to Football because it shows more meaning to the beautiful sport.

  2. couldn’t agree more. i also believe soccer in america can build bridges with other countries and coulters, the more we share with the rest of the world the better. Anything that will lessen the overnationalism i see today.

  3. im an Old Footballer fan, i seen MLS probably few times like a few years ago. Now that i watch it again i see that MLS has very much improved by agility, genius technics, young players with great futures, good goalies, good plays, and also great goals. I remember saying to some friends that MLS football is going to be something huge. they laughed… Jokes on them. I also recall saying there going to be the next big thing, now all we have to do is wait… also MLS needs more work on there defense

  4. If you dont like football/soccer what are you watching it for, go back to watching WWE or synchronised swimming if you dislike footie so much.

  5. and yet you’re subscribed to it. hypocrite much?
    BTW nice “name” lol -_-

  6. Colorado losed again:( oh man! but it was an nice match^^!
    Greetings from a german Colorado Rapids fan xD!
    P.S: colorado shuld think about a new defender who is better then Wynne!

  7. Until someone invents the YouTube robot, we’re still going to rely on humans who sometimes make mistakes.

  8. Finally! Why’d it take so long for this match highlight to be posted? .____.

  9. When will Zakuani start playing regularly again? Maybe Fernandez was traded in order to make way for Zakuani?

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