15 thoughts on “GOAL: Montero stuns the Whitecaps

  1. Love how it sounds like Seattle is at home when the goal is scored, even on the Whitecaps’ channel.  We will follow you where ever you may go!

  2. Ese es un gran talento nacido en Campo De La Cruz (Colombia) no en Barranquilla como dicen por ahi. Gran gol.

  3. sweet finish! the guy is all or nothing sometimes but is growing up. rosales is a good example for him…

  4. Nope, it’s called not expecting the striker to take the shot early…same reason why the defenders tried to contain him instead of tackling. 😛

  5. The fact that we were able to get a point out of a badly played game makes me happy. Sounders Till I Die!!

  6. i hardly call that dribbling around 3 defenders… but good goal

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