24 thoughts on “Fredy Montero ( Seattle Sounders FC ) 2009 Goals

  1. I was there at the sounders inaugural game and watched Montero score the
    sounders first goal in MLS.. Was an amazing moment and I will never forget

  2. I bought this dude in FIFA 12 & the man is a real dream!!!! Looks like he’s
    as good in real life

  3. Dear asshats who want to leave racist messages about the “Colombia”
    spelling. I DIDN”T MAKE THIS VIDEO, IT”S NOT MY SPELLING. Now go jump in
    front of traffic you bigots.

  4. i hate MLS announcers.. they say every goal goes into the corner. or when a
    team loses they automatically say that the losing team played like shit and
    the winning team played great. they never consider that a team can get
    lucky. i usually mute the tv when i watch the sounders play

  5. Its COLOMBIA not Columbia… anyway, Love Seattle sounders , love their
    passion, vamos MONTERO

  6. @krisnnaabraham no it’s not , It’s Colombia in English as well.. Columbia
    is a city in South Carolina

  7. @carella211 I was more than once in the United States, and only look at the
    MLS on TV, and I was bored a lot. I think you underestimate European
    football, a team of Italian Serie A, which arrives in our last tournament,
    win your very well mls. Look at the European teams never buy any player in
    the U.S.. Only a few players going in the end of their careers to take the
    money mls “Thierry Henry and David Beckham.”

  8. @leo85street No you couldn’t. You’re a moron who’s never seen an MLS match.
    MLS is much better than glory hunters like you want to admit. But we don’t
    care about your baseless opinion, we’re still enjoying supporting our boys
    on matchday and watching some of the best football in the Western

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