24 thoughts on “Emerald City Supporters – Boom, Boom, Clap

  1. @xxgedgexx or you can go to sounders games because you enjoy watching soccer?

  2. Seattle has fans at games. because if you go to chuck e cheese. they offer a buy a pizza get 7 free sounder game tickets. I was late for a sounders game and the scalper told me. He would take the change in my pocket. To be a sounder fan you should show 2 skills. 2 hands to clap when they tell you, and to yell loud if others are yelling loud. If you cant go get your hair spray painted to show your support.

  3. seattle is an awesome city and have the best fans in the mls… i’m a new yorker and i visited seattle a little while ago and loved it… maybe because it didn’t rain my entire time there (lucky i know) but nevertheless a beautiful city

  4. @Akamuone -fuc kyou gay mother fucker…you jealous we average 39 k fans a game fuck you gay fucker go hang your gay ass

  5. @boxbreaker2011 I did look it up. MLS has disbanded the Tampa Bay Mutiny and Miami Fusion in the history of the league. The NBA has disbanded The Anderson Meat Packers, Baltimore Bullets, Chicago Stags, Cleveland Rebels, Denver Nuggets (1950), Detroit Falcons, Indianapolis Jets, Indianapolis Olympian, Pittsburg Ironmen, Providence Steamrollers, Sheboygan Redskins, St Louis Bombers, Toronto Huskies and Washington Capitols.

    MLS: 2 disbanded teams
    NBA: 14 disbanded teams

  6. @boxbreaker2011 If you’re talking revenue generated, then yes, soccer is behind all those sports. That’s mainly due to broadcasting contracts. If you’re talking attendance, then you may want to check your facts. Soccer is the #3 sport in the US, behind football and baseball and ahead of hockey and basketball.

    Average attendance 2011
    NFL – 66,960
    MLB – 30,352
    MLS – 17,872
    NBA – 17,319
    NHL – 17,126

  7. @innoutpandaexpree …..continued….

    I understand that Soccer is VERY popular in Europe and S.A….that’s great for those continents, but here in the U.S, it just doesn’t interest the public that much.

    Sure the WC is exciting….but that only happens ONCE every FOUR years!!!

    The other three years….NO ONE CARES!!!

    MLS is growing….but it’s STILL behind Hockey, NASCAR, Tennis, and Golf.

    Sorry, but it WILL NEVER be what it is in Europe…..it just won’t.

  8. @innoutpandaexpress OK….please understand there is a HUGE difference when I say Soccer will NEVER be popular and “Soccer can work”…


    The U.S Women team is one of the best and the Men have showed a lot of improvement.

    HOWEVER….that doesn’t mean it will EVER be popular….it just WON’T!!!

    There are TOO MANY sports ahead of Soccer in the U.S including Baseball, Basketball, even Hockey.

  9. @boxbreaker2011 The league is only 15. Compared to other countries, the sport is brand now here. It’s gonna take time to grow. And it is growing (more teams, more stadiums, more attendance, more tv viewers, the last world cup drew in record American viewership,) Yes there is still much work to be done, but there is no doubt the sport is heading in the right direction.Soccer CAN work in this county. The proof doesn’t lie.

  10. Boxbreaker, just accept the growing of soccer in USA, the leauge has only existed for 15 years, soccer works in every country, and so it will in America too, sooner or later. The public numbers are already growing,

    And yes, i know that your “football” is a bigger sport, im not denying it, but soccer is a big one to, accept it.

  11. @boxbreaker2011 talking about the WUSA is like talking about the WNBA…..and why are you still commenting/watching a soccer video if you don’t like or care about soccer. That just doesn’t make any sense. You are one of those people who like to stir the pot on irrelevant matters. It’s alright because you’ll probably comment back even though this video is about a sport you don’t like. Go watch/comment on a video that has a subject you like

  12. @falconsoccer313 Also…

    The NBA is having labor problems right now, that has NOTHING to do with the fans or public interest or anything like that. The NBA will always exist no matter what, however, do you know how close the MLS has been to completly disappearing?

    Just look at the WUSA (The Women’s version of MLS) where is that????

    OH that’s right… it DISAPPEARED because no one cared!!!

    More MLS teams have disbanded in a short 10 years that the ENTIRE history of the NBA…

    Look it up kid!

  13. @falconsoccer313 Dude, unbelievable, did you even read my comment when I said that it was OBVIOUS that MLS has a bigger attendance…


    They play in STADIUMS….for example this video shows a capacity packed stadium in Seattle that has an average attendance of over 40,000!!!

    There was a home game this season where they also had 60,000!!!

    The biggest Arena in the NBA can only fit about 22,000…..why don’t you do the FUCKING MATH!!

    Obviously MLS has a bigger attendance!

  14. @boxbreaker2011 The MLS was second in average attendance only behind the NFL. yeah the NBA is sure making a big splash right now and I’m really enjoying watching it right now…oh wait. And if you don’t like soccer then get off a soccer video on youtube you bender

  15. @falconsoccer313 Dude, I KNOW sports!!

    Soccer will NEVER make it big in the U.S, just because it’s popular in a SMALL section of a HUGE country like the U.S means NOTHING!

    The NFL, NBA, MLB, and even NHL are all much more profitable with much higher TV ratings than MLS, even COLLEGE sports are much more profitable.

    I’m NOT arguing any numbers, if you soccer fans love soccer so much then that’s fine, but stop being delusional, America is all about the NFL, and that’s not going to change!

  16. @boxbreaker2011 Superbrajen is right. I just read the article on it a little while back. It was on ESPN.com too. I am just telling you this from an unbiased sports fan. I love all sports, but you can’t argue the numbers man.

  17. @Superbrajen Bro….let me educate you!!!
    #1 Of course soccer gets higher numbers than the NBA, Soccer stadiums are bigger than NBA arenas, in fact some like Seattle are double in capacity…but they STILL only average 18K, that’s not really impressive.

    #2 The Ratings say it all, NOBODY watches MLS! Just because it’s popular in Seattle doesn’t mean it’s popular anywhere else.

    #3 Pfftt..13 million….that’s pathetic, in comparison the Super Bowl gets 100 – 130 million viewers EVERY year!

  18. @boxbreaker2011 Your lying, the stadiums arent half empty (look at Portland, Seattle…), and i didnt mean that soccer has passed NBA and NHLs players money, but the public numbers.

    If you take every MLS match in 2011 and count it together, you get around 18 000 in average attendance, thats more than NBA and NHL, just google it if you dont belive me.

    Soccer is growing faster and faster for every year in USA, just accept that, there was 13 million people watching the World Cups 2010 in USA.

  19. @Superbrajen NO IT HASN’T, I don’t know where you get your facts but you’re absolutely WRONG!!!

    Soccer has NEVER surpassed NBA or even NHL in American interest, the players don’t make millions the way they do in the NBA and most stadiums are HALF EMPTY!

    Also, unlike idiot SOCCER fans, American Football fans don’t give a shit if American Football is popular or not….we like it because it’s OUR sport, NOT the world’s sport.

    You guys can have Soccer, we don’t care about it!

  20. @boxbreaker2011 Well, soccer already have passed NBA and NHLs intrest in public… so who says it will never work in America? Its also the worlds biggest sport….. american “football” is shit.

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