25 thoughts on “ECS Tifo Display vs Timbers

  1. @Apollo580 I find it funny that you’re correcting him on spelling, but are unaware that the proper term is “cannot.” Also, there should have been a comma after the word “in.”

  2. @Apollo580 that would be a punctuation error not a spelling error. But i appreciate your feed back. I hope your Dr. Seus books are helping you reed…

  3. @sppird remember how out of the 75 times sounders and timbers have played ever, sounders have gone 41-26-8? i do

  4. @NickBigsmoke Obviously not you. “Cant”? It’s can’t. As in “You can not spell for your life.”

  5. To all the people saying where quantity over quality and our fans are fake: when I go to a game and the players come out of the tunnel and the fans start boom boom clap I get goosebumps every single time, and I’ve gone to a lot of games. I always get that electric feeling, you cant get that feeling with “fake” fans. I know sounders fans know what im talking about.

  6. @Alexanderdagr878 it’s spelled SURPRISE sweetheart not “suprise”…who can’t spell now?

  7. @crazzymonkey444 Levesque scored 48 seconds into the US Open Cup match at Portland in 2009.

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