21 thoughts on “ECS March to the Match USOC Final

  1. @tangodale It’s the WORLD game. Not the european game. Stupid English troll.

  2. wow… pathetic wannabes. I see no cops, nor opposing supporters. why bother disguise yourself? and a stupid trophy in the middle. and isn’t your own song, and you’re not singing synced.
    and a bunch of people with super good cameras filming and taking photographs.. pathetic. stop with your wannabe style and make up some own songs..

  3. @GussyMate nicely done!! ive heard of you guys, very nicely done!! especially in a country when real support is banned and “family friendly non astmostphere” is prefered, fuck that shit

  4. @TraditionalSkin89 youtube DOTcom/watch?v=cjxESGPu34g just some stuff from my club nothing like what seatle produce but we are in the 5th league of english football

  5. @TraditionalSkin89 ohh i think in this country(england) you cannot use flares or smokes on the streets or in the stadium, but here if you get caught lighting or using them inside a ground you get a 3-5 year ban from ANY stadium in the country

  6. @GussyMate on the streets they are fine with it, in the stadium though, they get pissed! automatic ejection from the game, possible arrest

  7. watch?v=lANsIZTagPs&feature=related not as many people but proberbly the only team to ever do this at wembley

  8. this is great, this may seem a stupidd question but, do the police not care about your flares and smokes? much respect from York City FC

  9. never seen that types of flares that you use, there’s no power in them
    watch?v=NRsPYSEOW7E&feature=watch_response this is how it looks when aik stockholm uses flares..anyway it’s great that yanks have started to show some passion for thier team

  10. I’m an NY fan, but I was in Seattle for a game, and the fans were great, treated me with respect, and we all had a great time

  11. I don’t know about the Sounders. But I know the Tunderbirds are a shit load louder than the Winterfawks.


  13. Oh GOD BLESS all the seattle fans! Thanks for bringing real passion into the MLS.

    From DC

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