24 thoughts on “Darel Russell’s Equalizing Blast for TFC| All 14 MLS GOALS Week 6

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  2. I Live In The U.S, but the MLS players arnt as bad as people say, some are actually quite good, but the goalkeepers are just complete shit, i am sorry if i am offending anyone

  3. It doesn’t have the attraction that European leagues have with the UCL. But im sure it can be one of the best leagues outside of Europe, and top 10 in the world.

  4. Some people watch comedy central to be amused; i watch this so i can laugh. And i didn’t realise criticising a league made me a little bitch.

  5. not to take away anything from some of the goals, but the goalkeeping is just subpar in the mls, still fun to watch some of the games though

  6. If you don’t like it why’d you click on the video dumbass? Nobody forced you to come here so why are you being a little bitch for no reason?

  7. No judging by the fact that in less than 20 years the league has grown exponentially in terms of quality of play, fan support and television viewership. If MLS keeps growing at this rate, in another 20 years it could potentially become one of the top leagues in the world

  8. There are 19 teams in MLS, just 1 less than the Premier League. Some teams didn’t play this past weekend due to other competitions.

  9. He’s saying that compared to the MLS (Europe,Asia,South America), the league is shit.

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  11. Mate what is your problem! Sure they aren’t the best but they are good at this sport! You can’t deny that, and if they were so bad at it why would they be playing it!!! like WTF man!!! Are you seriously brain damaged!?? There are no bad football teams, there are only good teams, and teams that are even better!!! Fucking christ man!

  12. i dont understand why americans want to make the mls such a huge league like in europe. Its starting to become sad reading these comments such as ‘ we are moving in the right direction’ and ‘ one day we will compete with the europeans’. Americans always want to be the best at EVERYTHING

  13. The MLS is getting more skilled and more offensive, but the defending lacks discipline and the goaltending is abysmal…

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