11 thoughts on ““A Night of Champions” A Seattle Sounders Short Film

  1. Great matchday report, keep up the good work! It’s also a pleasure to see how football is finally starting to come to live in the US. Greetings from Holland and good luck next season!

  2. @Stollyify Cool story bro. Enjoy another mediocre season while sounders making a run for the cup!

  3. @Stollyify Not coming soon to Portland….SILVERWARE!! hahaha Timbers = clowns of the Northwest! GO SOUNDERS!!

  4. Look at all the caffeine freaks that support Starbucks fc. They play in an NFL stadium and most of their supporters are tourists who say that they ( Sounders supporters) are a bunch of plastic glory hounds. They are the most OVERRATED fans in sports. Coming soon to YouTube the Downfall parody of “Hitler finds out about Kasey Keller’s Foot Fetish”. Real support is in Portland.

  5. Very nice. One of my childhood friends moved to Seattle. Great video, great city.

  6. Nice video, greetings from PEÑAROL, Uruguay.. 5 times champion of the South America, 3 times champion of the world, biggest flag in the world, best team in history with Real Madrid.

  7. Sweet im in this video!!!!! greetings from ATL,GA. sounders for life!

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