25 thoughts on “7.26.11 CCL Highlights San Francisco v Seattle Sounders

  1. @michelleAH96 shame should be given to Seattle with the reward of their forwards can be paying all the template san francisco and yet the Seattle could not get more than two goals!

  2. San Francisco is a pathetic team! Just watch the highlights of the second leg vs the sounders, they spent more time falling down on our turf then trying to win! Im glad we beat them.

  3. Responder a este vídeo… Gooooooo San Francisco Fc Seattle mmm i`m sorry but my SanFran is the winner

  4. @tranceibosa that is the most stupid excuse! how ar you not going to know where your team will play!?

  5. @tranceibosa The always have at least 20,000-30,000 people. You obviously don’t know much about their fan base.

  6. well we panamenians like soccer a lot and the stadium was empty because its not their home stadium its the national stadium of panama and not so much people knew they were going to play in there, and lets see what happens at the seattle home..

  7. @cegaytion To be fair, Seattle dominated the game and were unlucky not to score. Not to mention the poor fortune that saw them give up the penalty. That’s the way football goes sometimes. If you actually watched the game, it was completely one-sided and I think the Sounders will prove so on the return leg!

  8. @bigjerm16 if they only beat sounders 1-0 i dont think they well beat PR Islanders,Cruz azul o LA Galaxy

  9. Seattle couldn’t even beat a team from panama? Damn first loosing 7-0 to man utd and now this? Shit aint looking good for these guys.

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