25 thoughts on “2012 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Final: Highlights – Aug. 8, 2012

  1. Two things are disappointing about this game.
    1) KC didn’t really win the game, it was given to them by a combination of Seattle and the referee.
    2) Eddie Johnson continually makes you think he can be much better, then fails to live up to his promise.

  2. I would love a replay of Zach Scott’s handball but good job SKC for winning the USOC. We’ll get it back next year

  3. Wow, wish this game would have been carried somewhere else other than GolTV, looked like a really exciting match.

  4. Excellent game. I love how far this tournament has come over the past few years. The Sounders made it a big deal, and now KC are beating them in the final, haha. Vamos SKC!

  5. The comentators blow at they’re job the should find a different line of work. but GO KC BEST TEAM IN MLS PERIOD!!!!!!!

  6. It would be pretty nice if all 19 MLS clubs gave a damn about winning the US Open Cup. Most clubs care more about the MLS season and fielded reserves in their US Open Cup matches earlier this year.

  7. The confetti machine at LSP has a tendency of blowing its load prematurely. I’ve seen a number of times this year alone where that thing will go off when there was no goal scored. I’m really not a fan of those things at all, period.

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