The Seattle Sounders have historically been the good starters in Major League Soccer , but right now they’re not sitting pretty, and you’ll find them right at the bottom-end of the points’ chart having lost two in two at the very onset.

There had been only one occasion in their history, before this one, when they had had two straight defeats to start the season. So, it’s no surprise that at the moment their supporters are not the happiest in the world. There is a little bit of agitation among them.

However, Sigi Schmid, the manager of the team, says that the losses have not been of the types that should cause him or the players lose any sleep, an he’s not expecting fans to stop buying tickets (via this link) just yet!?

As per Schmid, none of the two matches has differentiated his team and the opposition by much of a margin and the self-esteem of the camp has not been smacked by that.

Schmid, while he was interviewed at Rio Tinto Stadium following second loss to Real Salt Lake, said, “The numbers quickly catch everyone’s eyes and all the talks will be about the stuff related to numbers, like how many hits were on target and all that. But, if you ask me, I don’t think the numbers are always going to give you the proper idea of what happened. You might have had a far better day on the pitch than the numbers suggest.”

“Yes, it’s two loses in two games on the board as far as Seattle is concerned, but, such loses can’t be morale crushing for a team to be honest. It’s not that the opposition has just come and run all over us. The margin has only been of inches and we, as a group, understand that.”

Seattle plays Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club on 19th at Century Link Field.